When we moved to our new house almost two years ago, I fell in love.  I’ve never been in love with a house before.  I moved around a lot as a kid and found all of our places of residence fine, but nothing extraordinary.  I bought a house in my late twenties and thought it was great, but I didn’t love it.  Same thing with house number two, great house but no love.

When we bought this house, we weren’t really looking for a house.  That is to say Jamie wasn’t looking for a house and I was always looking for a house.  I used to spend countless hours online looking at houses each week.  I would drag Jamie to open houses and occasionally demand that our realtor friend take me to a house that I just had to see.  Jamie thought our old house was excellent and had very little interest in moving.  He was interested in not being dragged to open houses and the computer to look at this house or that house.  And he’s a nice man, so he wanted me to be happy.  That’s about as much as he wanted to move.

On one open house Sunday we arrived at our current house, walked inside, and I instantly knew that this should be our house.   Jamie was on his cell phone most of the time we were here and it was only in a subsequent visit that he began to see the light.  A few short weeks later, we made an offer and a month after Tyler was born we moved in.

Our old house was bigger, had an attached garage, and a large kitchen.  Our house now has a detached garage, small kitchen and less space.  Our old house had soaring ceilings and was awash in light.  Our house now has standard 8" ceilings and regular windows.  Our old house was great, but this house we love.  We got used to everything “less good” about our new house, but we had no place to hang our hat when we walked in the door.  Our back door had a 2’ x 2’ landing that served as our entrance to the house and our “mudroom”.  We didn’t realize how important a mudroom was to us until we didn’t have one anymore.

We are people who dream big and it is with our dream of a place to hang your coat, set your groceries, and store your shoes that we enlisted the help of an awesome company (Quatersawn) to help transform our mudroom-less house into a house with a mudroom that would make any mother proud.

We began this journey many months ago and now it is complete.  The process was long, loud, messy and pricey, but it was worth it.  It’s like our house that we were completely in love with (despite her nose) went and got a nose job…Now we are over the moon for her.

Pictures of her new nose can be seen in the next blog post.  Stay tuned!