A Couple Of Old Friends

Meet Four Seasons Mall…

IMG 0447

It’s a traditional 80’s style strip mall.  As a kid/teen, it was the closest “mall” to our house and somewhere my family spent a decent amount of time.  There was a grocery store, liquor store, dance studio, Synders, pizza place and countless other small businesses.  Today all that’s left is the pizza place and a Kaplan Professional School.  The talk is that the place will soon be torn down and a Walmart will go up.  I’m guessing that a Walmart will draw more cars to the parking lot than a pizza place and a Kaplan.

Today with much trepidation and much excitement, I headed to that pizza place to enjoy a little “pizza party”.  Marcello’s offers up excellent cheese bread and pretty tasty pizza.  It was a favorite from my teen years and it’s still a favorite today, sorta like cheese.

I ate cheese to my heart’s content and it was delightful, delectable, delicious, dazzling and deliriously good.  I was nervous going in that I would be like an alcoholic, once returned to my vice, helpless in its grasp.  So far though, I feel good about it.  I think my cheese and grease monkey has been satiated and should stay quiet for awhile and I’ve had no adverse stomach reactions.  After being away from cheese for 34 days, the thing I noticed most about it other than it’s deliciousness was it’s saltiness.  It’s some salty stuff.  Nothing like a little distance to make one appreciate cheese with all of its beauty and its one fault.

Join me in a little 80’s nostalgia by looking at a few pictures of Marcello’s.

IMG 0440

There it is, number 26, Marcello’s Pizza & Pasta.

IMG 0443

Check out that 80’s decor.  Hasn’t changed, not one little bit since the first time I was there over 25 years ago.  If that’s not staying power, I don’t know what is.

IMG 0444

It’s hard to find chandeliers like that now-a-days and the faux ivy painting all over the walls is to die for.  This place is a classic.  The booths are original to the joint as well.  Nothing in the whole space has been updated since the place opened.

IMG 0445

The piece de resistance, Marcello’s garlic cheese bread.  It’s always perfectly cooked, perfectly cheesed and perfectly buttered.  Unlike ever other place where you get cheese bread and they use some pre-made garlic butter stuff that all tastes the same, here the butter is real and so is the garlic.  It’s a hand-made concoction that is nothing short of perfect.  Yum!

Tammy Thingelstad @tkorocks