I’ve been a back seat driver for as long as I can remember.  I think as young as sixteen I had opinions on routes, speed and general driving prowess.  I’m sure I drove my mom and dad crazy; I know I drive Jamie crazy when I get all back-seat-driver in his face.

Well people, karma has come a calling.  My sweet six-year-old daughter Mazie already has the signs of a mean back seat driver.  It began with a general curiosity about the rules and regulations of the road.  Why this and why that and how come this and how come that.  This curiosity has been looking to transition to instruction for awhile now.  She’s been on the verge for several months.

I’ve been getting questions like “Why did you go through that yellow light” or “Why didn’t you use your turn signal” instead of “When do you go through a yellow light” or “When do you use your turn signal”.  The switch from gaining knowledge to questioning my skills is underway.  She’s also begun noticing the roads taken to get certain places and I can only imagine before long we will be debating the finer points of this or that way to get somewhere.

Mazie had a significant back seat driving breakthrough this morning.  For the first time ever she truly instructed my driving.  At least twice if not three times, she reminded me to use my turn signal.  The imaginary Jamie sitting on my shoulder was laughing out loud, but I did not utter a single sound.  I merely turned on my turn signal as I’d been told.  We can all use a little back seat driving from time to time.