Mazie delights in potty talk.  We have never had a strict rule forbidding its use.  I’ve always figured it’s reasonably harmless and we have bigger fish to fry.  And maybe since it’s not forbidden it will wear itself out.

Turns out, potty talk, at least in our house, doesn’t seem likely to wear itself out.  In fact it seems to be gathering steam.  I keep hoping that allowing this outlet is in some way beneficial, like potty talk is a necessary part of growing up for most kids and disallowing the activity turns it underground where you can no longer hear what’s being said.

I hear plenty of potty talk.  I try to give Mazie the impression that I’m ignoring her as I’m not interested in spurring on the behavior, but momma can’t help but hear most of what she says…

Mazie and a friend have invented a teacher by the name of Ms. Twiggles.  Ms. Twiggles spends her days with a terrible urge to use the restroom and nary a restroom in sight.  She ends up with lots of clothes in need of a wash.  They absolutely love these stories and derive great joy in spinning tales of a bladder-challenged teacher.

The other day in the car Mazie informed me that Tyler’s poop puked because it ate too much pee.  I didn’t laugh or even smile, but her creativity in the potty talk world is impressive and sometimes I can’t help but to chuckle, at least on the inside.

Here’s what I’m wondering:  Is my lenience with the potty talk doing anything detrimental to my kid?   I haven’t read a parenting book or article that has ever addressed this topic.  Yes it’s rude.  Yes it’s gross.  But, is it harmful?  Will she end up in the long run somehow wronged?  For those parents or grandparents who have a rule against potty talk, why do you have the rule?  What I’m wondering is is the rule just for the adults and polite society, so that our ears don’t bleed from all the grossness, or is there something deeper going on, something that I haven’t identified.  If you completely disagree with me, let me know what you think and why.  If you agree with me, give me a warm fuzzy.  If you are in the middle, I’m anxious to hear.  I am really curious to hear people’s honest take on this issue.