8:30am - Tyler finds a magnetic paper doll in his closet.  He calls it baby (uttering his first two-syllable word ever!), gives it a kiss, and plays the first cute card of the day.

9:00am - We load into the van to find cheese!  We take cheese very seriously in this family.  Jamie says our grocery bill is usually half the Organic Valley mexican cheese blend that I and the kids adore, and half some other stuff.  He’s not far off.  Something to be worked on in the new eating program for sure.  When we grocery shopped yesterday, Whole Foods was out of most of their cheese due to a refrigerator malfunction, so today we hit the Linden Hills Food Co-op.  Mazie and I had stopped by the co-op last night at 9:30pm because we take cheese so seriously, but they were already closed.  Today we were not to be denied.  I’m happy to report that four bags of lovely Organic Valley mexican cheese blend are now chilling in our refrigerator.  We sang songs of cheese, really bad songs, and generally cheesed it up for awhile in honor of our favorite cheese finally being back where it belongs.

10:00am - A stop at Creative Kidstuff  to pick up a “y” pewi bike for Tyler (sent from another store in the color of choice) that we bought last week when we were there to return something else, almost results in the purchase of another Tyler item.  Tyler + Creative Kidstuff can get expensive quick.  He plays his second cute card in hopes of securing another toy for the home front.  You’ll notice he was blazing his own trail riding the middle of the toddler see-saw instead of resting on the more conventional see-saw seat.

10:30am - Mazie has a play-date at a friend’s house.  I hang around for an hour until she feels comfortable, then take my super-sleepy toddler to Target for a quick shopping run.  He falls asleep on the way back to pick her up, but she’s in a great mood so I feel better about the Tyler neglect…and I just got him a “y” bike, so what’s he complaining about.

1:00pm - Tyler finally gets lunch.  He’s very nice about his lunch being delayed an hour and a half.  Do I smell another cute card or is it a poopy diaper?

1:30pm - Tyler gets a fresh diaper.  It was smelling pretty stinky down there.  Tyler sneezes, I say, “Bless You”.  Tyler says, “Ah-goo”, as in “Achoo”.  This is his second, two-syllable word of the day.  He’s played his third cute card , but it’s not going to save him from his much needed nap.

2:00pm - My mom picks up Mazie for a sleep-over and Tyler is asleep.

2:30pm - The “y” bike has been assembled, Tyler’s still asleep and lots of cheese is in the refrigerator.  Gotta love it here in Tammy land.