I’ve thought a lot about what I put in my mouth over the last 20 years, but all of that thinking hasn’t resulted in much change.  I’ve read a few books over the years that have altered certain aspects of my eating, but I still eat the same basic diet that I’ve been eating since I was a kid.

I’m picky, don’t care much for fruit and veggies, and have a general love of dairy and white flour.  Add to that my near sugar addiction that started when I was pregnant with Mazie, and the result is an unhealthy diet.

I’m also overweight.  Not scary, life threatening overweight, more the annoying 10-20 pounds overweight that is a constant monkey on my back.  Part of my I’m forty now and I’m ready to take charge of my life plan is to get a handle on what I put in my mouth both for the sake of my health and waist line, and also for the sake of everyone else.  The better I eat, the better off the planet is.  Be the change you want to see in the world and all of that.

I have certain things going for me.  I like water and exercise.  I’ve read a crap-load of books on nutrition and food, and I know what I should be doing.  I am fortunate to have access to local farms and farmer’s markets, co-ops and neighborhood grocery stores, and the means to pay for the true cost of food when it is sold without subsidy and grown in a responsible manner.

I’m starting a journey and making it public so that I have more incentive to stick it out.  I want to change how and what I eat and why I eat and I don’t want my primary motivation to be those 10-20 pounds.  Instead I want to focus on how I should be eating and hope that the excess weight leaves in it’s own good time.  So, here goes…