I’ve been scared away from blogging lately.  I came across Peas and Thank You, a brilliant blog that is very popular and I think, really funny.  Mama Pea, as she is known, is a mom of two girls who has transitioned from lawyer to mom and from meat-eater to vegan.  She writes about both with wit, humor and way more pizzaz than I could ever hope to muster.  At first reading her blog inspired me, but that inspiration quickly turned to defeat.

I’ve been having a hard time writing.  I start to write and then after a few less-than-excellent sentences, I give up and think Mama Pea is so much better at this than I am.  I’ve never had a problem with people being better at something than I am before.  It’s pretty much guaranteed in a world with a gazillion people that lots of people are going to be better at doing ‘whatever’ than you are.  For some reason her ability to write has left me feeling like there’s no point to my writing.  I think her voice is the voice that I wish I had.  That’s the difference.  She’s doing “me” better than I could ever hope to do “me”.

But I’m forty now and all grown-up, so I will not give up.  I’ll keep writing and hopefully along the way I’ll find the real “me”, not the Mama Pea “me”.  So go on over and check out Mama Pea, she really is worth an RSS feed or e-mail subscription, and then come back here and see what I have to say.  Peas and Thank You.