Last year I bought Mazie a book called The Curious Garden.  It’s about a boy who starts a garden on an old abandoned railroad that is elevated above the city.  We’ve read the story many times and I’ve always thought it was a cool idea to turn an old railway into a linear garden.

I subscribe to a blog/website, I’m not sure which it really is, called Web Urbanist and every day in my e-mail box I get their daily post.  It’s a hodge-podge of cutting edge, modern design.  One day it might have twenty pictures of crazy, whacked-out cars and the next day it’s innovative iphone covers or mind-blowing hotels.  I usually glance at the e-mail, but every once in a while the e-mail really grabs my attention, just like it did today.

Today the post is all about The High Line.  The High Line is an elevated city park in NYC built on an old abandoned railway.  Sound familiar?  The visual images of the park instantly reminded me of The Curious Garden book.  I grabbed the book off of the shelf and read the author’s note.  Turns out his book is inspired by the High Line and the wild garden that sprouted there when the railway was left unused.


If you live in NYC have you checked this park out?  What do you think?  Is it as cool as it looks and reads?  I spent some time on The High Line’s website learning more about the project and park and I think it’s really inspiring.  I’m planning to visit the next time I’m in NYC.