After having such a great experience staying at a barn last month, it makes me want to try these two barn environments even more. I came across Lake Superior Barn a year or two ago, but so far haven't been there.  The price seems to go up $100/night every year, so if a group of us don't get there soon, it will be out of my price range for good.  I love the contrast of this place.  It's über modern and cool, but barn.  It's 320 acres of private lakefront living just 30 miles outside of Duluth.  I can imagine hanging here for a week in the winter when it's a bit cheaper would be magical.  Winter break anyone?

The Barn House a few miles from Dubuque, IA is another place that I would like to check out.  This place looks pretty awesome and it's much more affordable than the place on Lake Superior.  I tried to book a mid-week stay in August, but the dates were already taken by another lucky party.  As a group of 5 or less this place can be rented during the week for only $250/night.  Considering the size and fabulous-factor of the place, I think that is a steal.  On the weekend the rates go up significantly, but for a group the place would still be pretty doable if you added a Thursday or Sunday night to balance out the higher weekend cost.

Has anyone stayed somewhere recently that they would highly recommend?  Fill me in!