Mazie might not be older, but she’s definitely bigger than our 20+ year old cat Gypsie.  Gypsie is in liver failure and will need to be put to sleep soon.  Mazie has been in on the discussion the whole time and is aware of Gypsie’s fate.

It is with this in mind that she decided to make a card for Gypsie.  I told her a card wouldn’t make much sense to give a cat, but after confirming that she could indeed give the cat a card, she proceeded on.  She next asked me what Gypsie’s favorite color is.  “Gypsie doesn’t have a favorite color,” I replied, “She’s a cat.”  She thought for a second and then said almost to herself, “Oh yah, Gigi (Mazie’s friend) said Gypsie’s favorite color was orange,” and then made a card for the cat with orange as the feature color.

The logic of a five year old is awesome!

Second story…Mazie is sitting on the steps and we are pretending.  She is a doctor and wearing swim goggles.  I ask her what the goggles are for and she doesn’t answer.  After a few minutes more of doctor play I ask again, “So, you never did tell me why you are wearing goggles?” and she replies, “Cause I’m a doctor”.  I say, “Doctors wear goggles?” and she says, “Pretend ones do.”  Brilliant!

Tomorrow Mazie turns 6…