Larger Than An Uh-Oh

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Tyler is now 14 months old. He walks, points, grunts and says three words: uh-oh, hi and yay. At this point in her life Mazie spoke at least 40 different words. I remember listing them out on a piece of paper, because I was eager to see just how many different things she could say. I can count Tyler’s words on one hand. But, I digress. I’m here today to talk about what makes Tyler, Tyler. What differentiates him from all of the other 14 month old babies out there in the big, wide world.

I give you ten Tyler truisms (at least for now):

  1. He always has an opinion.
  2. He’s usually trying to break himself or something else.
  3. He loves to cuddle with soft objects.
  4. He also loves putting soft objects in his mouth and walking around with them for long periods of time.
  5. He’s a jokester, giggler, a comedian at heart.
  6. He likes it loud.
  7. He’s delighted by cats and dogs.
  8. He can’t get enough of Goldfish crackers, toast and Amy’s Mac-n-Cheese.
  9. He doesn’t take no for an answer.
  10. Tyler lives life full-speed-ahead!

Tammy Thingelstad @tkorocks