Here comes the bride

A quick shout out to the newlyweds, Kurt and Rosalin (Jamie’s mom/my mom-in-law). Happy wedding, happy marriage and happy Java. Thanks for a fun evening filled with good food, family, friends and a belly dancer. It was nice to see you all fancied up in your party clothes, gooey-eyed and in love. I hope you guys are off to a relaxing and fun-filled start…see you at the folk festival!

If you, the non-Rosalin/non-Kurt reader of this blog, missed the big celebration, here are a few pictures to help your mind’s eye recreate the magic! Click through if you wish to see the full image.

The crew out to lunch

The kiss

The wedding fam

Larger than a flower girl

Flower girl mazie

The ceremony

Rosalin and bd

Everyone belly dancing

The happy couple and cake

The after party

Signing the certificate

Tammy Thingelstad @tkorocks