Tammy here again…

One week ago today, Mazie had a blast at her very first birthday party. All of our family that lives in town were invited and everyone did their best to dress and act like the pirates that they know they are. We beat at a parrot until it spilled its guts, made clothespin people walk the plank and dive into a shark pail, and were merciless in our pinning of an eye patch on a poor pirate over and over again. Mazie’s friends from across the street came to help with the fun.

After all of the fun and games we sat down to our spoils and enjoyed the very best pirate cake ever! Mazie blew out her candle (with a little help from her friends) and got involved good and dirty-like with her cake. She squished and gushed chocolate frosting all over her little self just like a good pirate would do. Presents were next and Mazie was pleased with all of the treasures she received. She balanced on top of her new rocking chair like a circus star, flipped the pages of some stellar books, and reveled in the beauty of her new fashions.

In true Pirate fashion we then kicked everyone out! See the pictures!

Tammy Thingelstad @tkorocks