I'm Back!

    I’ve been on hiatus for the past four weeks. I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but I’ve been gone. We went on vacation for a week and then I decided to take a week off of general stuff, which turned into two weeks and then three weeks. It was nice to take a break from the regular grind, and now I feel new and fresh. I almost considered abandoning the blog for good, but I really do enjoy writing and I think the discipline of writing three times a week is good for me.

    This morning was also my first run in four weeks. Along with a general avoidance of “stuff” there was also an avoidance of getting up early and running. Last week I found myself looking forward to this week and feeling excited to get running again, so I think the absence might have done me some good.

    I ran outside today for the second time since I stopped running while pregnant with Tyler and the change in scenery was pleasant. The treadmill offers privacy with no one watching my sweaty, largish self and distraction in getting to watch a TV show while exercising, but it really can’t beat the fresh air and vibe of being part of the world at wake-up. I watched the moon set and then the sun rise as I slowly made my way around Lake Harriet. A few people in shadow made way for more and more people as the horizon lightened. The quiet of dawn gave way to the hustle and bustle of a weekday morning and I got to be a part of it all.

    Never mind that four weeks of not running left me barely able to make it around the lake at a light jog and when I returned home I felt physically exhausted. The run was great. Goodbye treadmill and hello world.

    You Say Your Boulders Need A Holder?

    If you find yourself with a well-endowed chest, a desire to perform vigorous exercise and no bra that sufficiently quells the bounce, I have a solution for you.  For many years I used Champion sports bras and found them adequate.  The one problem I could never avoid was the chafing that occurred from the band of my bra moving up and down while I was running.

    After I had Tyler, I was big and breast-feeding, which means my chest was chestier and my chest was tender.  My regular sports bras didn’t fit and I felt it was time to head back to the proverbial drawing board, otherwise known as the internet.  I did a few searches and viola, the Enell bra appeared.  This thing is not sexy and it’s expensive.  It looks like a shorter version of a less-bulky life jacket.  It has a million little hook and eye closures up the front and is a pain to put on and remove, but my chest parts have never been happier running with me on a treadmill than they are in my Enell bra.

    While searching for my new bra, I read about plenty of people who had tried an Enell and for one reason or another didn’t like it.  So I’m not here to say this is going to solve your problems, but if you aren’t pleased with your sports bra and you are looking to cut out the bounce, give the Enell a try.

    I think the best thing about it other than the fact that it works as a sports bra, is my chafing issues have been eradicated.  The vest-like nature of the garment fits so securely and covers so much area that the thing stays put once it’s on.

    If you own an Enell, if you decide to get one, or if you own some other sports bra that you think is great, tell me about it.  Thanks!

    The Fat Lady Sings....again!

    When last I wrote it was Saturday. Today it’s Sunday. Yesterday I was wrecked with the perilous decision, to race or not to race. Should I risk life and limb for the sake of my investment and pride or should I stay home and wallow in the safety of my large butt. I was teetering on the edge; the weight of the decision pressed heavily on my heart. I felt a strong need to compete and yet I also felt the persistent voice of reason that cried to compete in my current state would humiliate and possibly lead to some sort of paramedic rescue. I know I left everyone on the edge of their seat, and so without further ado I give you the conclusion to The Fat Lady Sings…

    Me and my fat butt got ourselves to the start line! That’s right, I raced the race and I’m alive to tell the tale. It turns out that the course was so short I had nothing to fear. I nearly missed the race altogether as I got a late start, took a wrong turn and didn’t show up until 15 minutes after the gun shot had sent the first wave of swimmers into the water. Fortunately, there were 17 waves and I was in the 16th, so I made it to the start line just in the nick of time. I got to the beach and it was go time.

    My performance wasn’t great, but I swam the swim, biked the bike and ran the run and tonight I am happy. I guess the moral of the story is get your fat butt out there and just do it! Just in case there are any doubters, here are my official results.

    The Fat Lady Sings

    Okay, it’s time to publicly admit it, I’ve been getting fat for awhile now. For those who’ve known me a long time, the ever-changing size and shape of Tammy is just part of life. Sometimes I’m fit and fabulous, other times fat and flabby and most of the time somewhere in the middle. I am a yo-yo constantly moving in one direction or the other. It seems the six week road trip didn’t do anything for my already expanding mid-section. I’ve been doing far too much sitting and eating and not nearly enough sweating. It’s a constant battle for me and as of late, I’m on the losing team. But fear not fair reader eventually I will fight my way back to a nicer weight and size.

    This week I’ve returned to exercise and what a return it’s been. After a 10 week absence, much has been lost, but still a little remains. My body is sore, but happy to be in use again. I signed up to do a triathlon Sunday (as in tomorrow) many, many months ago and I’m just stupid enough to still be considering showing up at the start line. I’m stubborn, stubborn, stubborn and the fact that I’ve already paid money to race makes me all the more determined.

    To be continued…